Rent the LEGOJeep !

We have recently begun renting the LEGOJEEP out for parties and it has been a huge hit.

If you’d like to have the LEGOJEEP at your next party or event, reserve today  call or email then send us a reservation check for $75. Event Fee is $225 for 90 minutes of playtime, plus possibly bridge toll and mileage (.50 a mile).

You can ask more questions via email or go to the Contact section
legojeep-makerfaire-2012-kids“The Lego Jeep is always a huge hit with kids of all ages. Boys, girls, Moms and Dads, just about anyone who comes in contact with the LEGOJEEP wants to take a moment and creatively add their own personal touch. Who doesn’t love LEGO? 🙂

We love driving it around as an ordinary car and enjoying people’s super positive reactions. And as the steering wheel is on the right side of the car, people often start a chat whenever we pull up to a light or are caught in traffic. The LEGOJEEP puts a smile on everyone’s face.

It’s pretty amazing what happens whenever we leave it parked on the street or in a lot as we never know what creativity has taken place while we were away. This is definitely more than half the fun of owning a truly interactive art car.

Some technical details: the LEGOJEEP is an ex-US Postal Jeep at its core making it small with a very flat or boxy shape. Just like those green LEGO panels we all used to play with. In fact, it is those very panels that we have glued to the car which allow the LEGO bricks to stick. Currently we have over 5000 stuck to the car!

And yes, LEGOs do occasionally wander off (despite our best efforts) and though we started the car with over 300 lbs of LEGO donated by the LEGO Company when the art project was started, we are always on the lookout for more. So if you have some LEGO bricks that you would like to donate, feel free to send us a note.

Or if you spot the LEGOJEEP somewhere and have added to it, just drop us an email at and share your pictures of you creative efforts! I will be posting some of the more interesting or creative emails on the site so feel free to give me details around your inspiration!

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