LEGOJeep at NIMBY for Haiti Benefit Feb 20th in Oakland

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DO IT FOR HAITI – February 20th from 2 pm – midnight

“DO IT FOR HAITI” offers a staggering roster of performers and a unique opportunity to support Haiti relief efforts, learn first hand about local organizations working in Haiti and get involved with organizations making a difference on the ground. Events will feature performances and live music including socially relevant theater, Afro-Haitian music and dance, monumental sculpture and art events for children.

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Events begin at 2:00 p.m., with children’s activities and performances, indoor and outdoor art installations, music and dance.

Partnering Organizations Include:
Bellot Idovia Foundation-Oakland, CA/ Haiti:
CARE – San Francisco, CA / Haiti :
Catholic Relief Services – San Francisco, CA /Haiti :
Sirona Cares – San Francisco, CA /Haiti :
What If Foundation – San Francisco, CA / Haiti :
Zanmi Lakay – Pacifica, CA / Haiti :

Live Music and Performance: SF Mime Troupe, Kalbass Kreyol, The Bodice Rippers, The Joe Rutt Band, Funky Bula, Marisa Lenhardt, The Society, Chicken John & Dr. Hal and more…
Childrens Theater and Events: Sustainable Living Road Show, The Life Sized Mouse Trap, Plastic Bag Wallet Making, Face Painting
Art Installations: The Flaming Lotus Girls, Robots – Justin Gray, Tesla Coil – Jon Behrens, The Museum of Unnatural Selection by Jen Forbes, Goat Man Dan, Therm / Exxotherm, Thermocracken, Jamie Vaida, The Disgusting Spectacle, Feng Jin, Robot by Adam Ebel
Plus D.I.Y / D.I.F.H. projects for all ages

Featured Speakers Include:
Joe Dacany – EMT: CA–11 Disaster Medical Assistance Team member currently working in Haiti.
Marc D’Silva – CRS : Senior Development Officer for Catholic Relief Services which has been working in Haiti since 1954.
Dana Fischer- Retired USAID education officer in Haiti
Michelle Lacourciere – Sirona Cares: Director: Heading Northern California Haiti Relief Effort with U.S. Coast Guard.
Hilda Oropeza- CARE: Director of Community Partnerships at CARE USA which has been working in Haiti since 1954.
Jen & Guy Panteleon – Zanmi Lakay: Founders who have been working with orphaned children in Haiti since 1997. Currently in Haiti and will be returning for the event.
Margaret Trost – What If Foundation: Founder providing food and education programs to impoverished children in Haiti since 2000.

This event is sponsored by NIMBY.
During the DO IT FOR HAITI benefit on February 20th from 2 pm – midnight, NIMBY will be accepting donations of food and clothing items to send with second-wave relief efforts to Haiti. NIMBY is partnering with Sirona Cares for this drive. All goods will be delivered by the U.S. Coast Guard. Contributions will be distributed throughout Haiti to specific locations (schools, churches and orphanages) in the Sirona Cares network. All proceeds from the event will be donated to organizations working directly with Haiti relief efforts.

Members of the media are welcome.

“DO IT FOR HAITI” Artists and Performers:
Sf Mime Troupe:
Kalbass Kreyol:
The Bodice Rippers:
The Joe Rutt Band:
Marisa Lenhardt:
The San Francisco Early Music Society:
Chicken John & Dr. Hal: and
Sustainable Living Road Show:
Life Size Mouse Trap:
Flaming Lotus Girls:
Robots – Justin Gray:
The Museum of Unnatural Selection by Jen Forbes:
Omega Recoil – Jon Behrens:
Goat Man Dan:
Therm / Exxotherm:
Jamie Vaida:
The Disgusting Spectacle”
Feng Jin:
Robot by Adam Ebel: