LEGOJeep Math and Science questions for fun

I  created this Pop Quiz  for kids to interact with the LEGOJeep for the YURI’s Night at NASA Ames a few years ago -Try it out – answers are at the bottom

Math / Counting and Logic Skills



1. Which is the most popular color of plate on the LEGOJeep?

A. Blue

B. Green

C. Grey

D. Black

2. Which is the most difficult upper case letter to spell with LEGO bricks?

A. The letter X

B. The letter K

C. the letter F

D. The letter T

Grades 7-8 Science and Logic:

Why don’t 1 layer bricks fall off the plates when the LEGOJeep is driven?

Test your answer by removing or adding a brick without glue.

3. A. Gravity B. Glue C. Friction and surface tension D. Protons

4. Which area is the most prone to wind shear?

A. Roof

B. Hood

C. Drivers door

D. Rear door

5. How many vertices are in the letter X?

A. 3

B. 6

C. 8

D. 4

Grades high school: Math surface area calculation:

6. Calculate what is the total number of LEGO bricks of the 4 nub linear form to cover all the exposed plates.   The exposed
surface area total surface area is 99.305 square feet.  A plate is 10 inches wide. It is
perfectly square. A plate has 32×32 nubs.  To cover the jeep you will need 143 plates, 10
inches by 10 inches, the surface area of a 1×1 brick ( or one nub)  is 5/16″ square. You
can not use red bricks to calculate the answer.

A. 36,608

B. 144,045

C 25,956

D. 13,076


1. Answer A. Grey, 182 grey plate segments  ( not including roof), 5 blues , 133 green plate
segments ( not including roof). There are no black plates.

2 Answer the letter X. Diagonals are the most difficult ( time consuming) to create since you need all single bricks to make a diagonal line

3 Answer C: Friction and surface tension, glue is not used to attach the bricks as known if
the person tested as directed.

4. Answer A: Roof

5 Answer D  4 vertices. The lines intersecting define only 4 angles
6. Answer:  A 36,608, 256 4 nub bricks per plate, 256*143= 36,608