LEGOjeep visits the Gan B’nai Shalom Preschool

Creative fun with the Preschoolers in Walnut Creek coaching them around LEGO art. They had a blast learning, building, and playing outside in the summery weather. I really loved the teachers’ home made and creative assortment of  hand held LEGO heads.  Areas of activities were focused around using the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence : Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development,  Physical Well-being and Motor Development, Language and Literacy Development.  Specific activities encompassed Visual Arts, Mathematics, Orientation in Space, Science among many others ( detailed below).

Specific activities, topics,  and conversations revolved around the Preschool Core Curriculum Standards, a few example questions/activities used are described below:

Knowledge Acquisition and Cognitive Development:

Visual Arts: Attention to Visual Detail, Creating Art, Looking at & Talking about Art.
Mathematics: Numbers and Number Sense (example: How many sheets are on the Jeep? ) , Patterns and Classification  , Geometry ( Where do the LEGO fit ? Flat areas or curved areas? ) , Measurement (Example: Count the nubs to fit onto a sheet), Numbers and Number Sense ( Example: How many nubs is a LEGO?) ,
Orientation in Space: Actual and Represented Space, Basic Geographical Concepts ( example: where does the Jeep live?)
Science: Investigation and Observation (note the variation in colors of the LEGO’s and LEGO sheets – new vs. old) , The Living World, The Physical World ( why do they LEGO fade in color ? )

Orientation in Time:
Measures of Time ( old vs new plates – jeep build in 1975 – how long ago was that?)
Passage of Time (Past, Present, and Future)

Language and Literacy Development:
Emerging Literacy Skills:
Fine Motor Skills and Writing Strokes ( spell your name or write a letter in LEGO blocks)
Storybook Reading and Storytelling:
Developing a Notion of Story Schema ( share the story of your LEGO creation)

Physical Well-being and Motor Development:

Approaches to Learning Work Habits:Task Persistence and Completion ( spell your name or  a letter in LEGO)
Movement and Coordination:
Physical Well-being and Motor Development: Movement and Coordination: Gross Motor Skills ( LEGO attachment / building) , Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Coordination ( LEGO attachment / building),

Social and Emotional Development Autonomy and Social Skills:
Sense of Self and Personal Responsibility ( individual creation is shown to be valued, Everyone share and helps clean up )
Working in a Group Setting (Sharing LEGO buckets and material and sharing space to work)


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